Staff members can be contacted at (928) 774-1442, at the extensions listed below.

  Name Title Ext

Lynne Nemeth

Executive Director


Tom Parker

Deputy Director


Dr. Kristin Haskins Director of Research 114
Mark Jarecki Director of Horticulture 119
Regan Emmons Director of Education 110
Randi Axler Finance and Membership Manager 107
Debbie James Facility Rentals 106
Sheila Murray Research Botanist 112

Tom Shellberg

Facilities Manager 115
Will Gerald Horticulturist 111
Kim Helfinstine Volunteer Coordinator 127
Alyssa Collins Airborne Raptors  
Dana Howard Environmental Educator - AmeriCorps 108
Katie Morabito Environmental Educator / Horticultural Assistant - AmeriCorps 108
Dean Buttacavoli Horticultural Assistant - AmeriCorps 111