The Arboretum is a great place for children to discover nature in a variety of habitats, including wetlands, forests, cultivated gardens, and meadows. Our Summer Adventure Programs explore not only plants but also birds and other animals. Children embark on a different adventure each week, where they learn about natural habitats, make crafts, play games, and enjoy a snack.

Summer Camps:

  • Dig It! Gardening Camp

  • Wildlife Watchers

  • Wilderness Survivors

  • Eco Kids

  • Arboretum Artists

  • Wild Weather


Dig It! Gardening Camp

Come play in the dirt! Adventure into the garden as we discover ancient agricultural techniques of growing! Join us as we explore Hopi and Sinagua growing methods, gain watering wisdom, and learn how to play in and examine soil. Help us start seeds, make them grow, and save others for another year of planting!

Wildlife Watchers

Explore the world of wildlife in this hands-on adventure camp. Learn how to track animals, go on nature hikes with real life wildlife biologists, navigate field guides, and discover the animals around us as we explore the forests and fields. Our week will be filled with up close wildlife encounters, hands-on discovery, games, art projects, nature hikes, and a trip to Bearizona.

Wilderness Survivors

Learn the basics of outdoor survival this summer! Campers will learn how to build a shelter, tie knots, use a map and compass, and learn about edible and medicinal plants. Coconino County Search and Rescue will teach campers what to do if lost and run a mock K9 unit search where campers are “lost” and then “found” by the dogs. Camp also includes a day hike to nearby Sandy’s Canyon. On Friday, campers are invited to spend a night under the stars to test out their shelters and new knowledge.

Eco Kids

Learn how to be an Eco Kid! In this camp we learn about natural resource conservation, sustainable living, organic gardening, and the three "R's" Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Activities include making nature journals, going on a nature hikes, crafting recycled art out of everyday objects, games, up-close wildlife encounters, and a trip to the Materials Recycling Facility.

Arboretum Artists

Investigate and observe the natural world through a combined lens of art and science. Learn how to use a variety of media to interpret, communicate and enjoy the wonders of the natural world. 

Wild Weather

Investigate the wild world of weather as you build devices that measure wind, rain and air pressure. Improve your weather predicting skills, learn to read clouds and draw weather symbols only a meteorologist would recognize. Practice collecting real weather data at The Arboretum’s weather service station. Make lightning and create your own tornado!


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  • All camps cost $195 for members/$225 for non-members, except Wildlife Watchers (June 16-20) $205 members/$235 non-members,


Photo by Emma Changose.

Multi-day camps for elementary school kids at The Arboretum