Denise Edwards, Coyote Forging and Metal Works

Denise Edwards started her life with a profound love for animals, especially horses. This is very evident in the pieces she creates currently. Her early love of horses initially manifested in pursuing a career as a farrier. Many of the techniques she learned in building specialty shoes for horses are key in the pieces she creates now.

Denise retired from the farrier business and now has her own blacksmith business in the outlying rural area of Flagstaff. All of Denise’s work is done by hand, using small tools. She uses a propane forge, anvil, numerous hammers, tongs, and punches. There are pieces Denise creates that are unique to her work, such as her hand-forged dog. This piece evolved from her great love of dogs. She owns, trains, and races sled dogs. Animals and mother earth are very important ingredients to Denise’s life and inspires all of her work. She has spent most of her life working out in the elements. Taking time to stop and watch the occasional elk, eagle, hawk, antelope, and other wonderful animal that chooses to enter into her space has been a priority and inspiration.

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