Artist: Lauren Sarantopulos

Since the early age of 10, my roots have always been intertwined in nature and art.  Raised in Colorado and Wyoming, I was lucky to grow up in these beautiful states – spending countless hours exploring the outdoors and its wildlife. As my fascination with nature and interest in the arts grew, I began painting the animals I Ioved to observe as a means of developing a unique style while feeding my love of the environment.

​Twelve years later, my appreciation for the wild things in life, and the desire to capture them in a unique artistic style has only grown. For me, there is nothing more inspiring than the natural world. Nature holds so much beauty and mystery I often find myself flooded with awe each time I step outside. It is a gift to live on a planet graced with so much life, yet many seem to take this for granted. If art is a universal language, it is my hope to speak out with my work— to move people to look closer and see the beauty in the other lives we share this remarkable planet with.


​In Spring 2020 I earned my degree in environmental biology and wildlife ecology from Northern Arizona University. I hope that my passion and knowledge for the environment and the arts will help to bring people closer to nature and draw attention to pressing issues such as endangered species loss and wildlife conservation.”