My name is Lesley and I am new to Arizona, but, with our recent move brought my love of photography, my beautiful little girls, my high school sweetheart and of course our 2 fur babies along for the ride! As a follower of Jesus, I aspire to use my art to build relationships with people and create memories for those young and old.

I am a Colorado native, a mountain girl, and believe I will never truly feel at home somewhere that doesn’t have them! Lucky for me, we found our home in the Coconino National Forest and I get to live out my small town roots enjoying art and the simplicity, yet beauty, life has to offer.

I found my love of photography in a high school film photography class…yep, a FILM class, dark room and all! My grandfather gifted me my first camera, a Ricoh, which is now considered vintage! That trusty camera is still capturing beauty today, believe it or not. I had the opportunity to learn and grow my photography skills in college with my favorite wedding photographer, Becca. On one of our many moves across state lines, I was also able to assist a newborn photographer capture images of the most precious time of our children’s lives.

My children are my pride and joy and I know that all parents feel the same way of their own children. We all know that time goes by so fast. Our children grow up so fast and capturing images can still time, if only for a moment. Possessing these images creates a gateway into the experience of that moment. I strive to provide each of my clients the memory and the beauty within each moment as the treasure of that time that will last forever.

Our children grow up, but the memories grow as well. Your wedding day, your child’s birth, the growth of your family over time, these are all beautiful times in your life that can be displayed as a work of art in your home and in your heart. Let Lesley Leigh Photography create your art display and still that moment before it passes you by.