Beeswax Candles by Janet Mendyk- Northern Arts


Northern Arts

The name Northern arts encompasses the careers I have had; jewelry design, faux decorative arts, mural painting and the reproduction of original paintings for fine art trade shows. Northern Arts candles are an accumulation of my artistic skills. I am a multi media artist and designer. When asked to design you are given prerequisites, then you think outside the box making it uniquely your own. What was experimental have become my tools. My Jewelry background has allowed me to tool metal into templates and plates that emboss wax. The motifs are made of wax and are cut with hand punches. I re-tooled the metal to accept the delicate 1/16th of inch wax width. The flowers are hand painted. The tea lights are color matched and hand poured. All designs are original. Commissions upon request.  Northern Arts beeswax is clean, pure and natural.  Made in Flagstaff, AZ.

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Janet's candles are truly works of art! Please look for them in the gift shop!