Earth Notes: Exploring the Southwest’s Canyon Country from the Airwaves

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Since 2001 one of the significant agents of the growing regional conciousness has been something in the air: specifically, a short radio show called Earth Notes. Produced by KNAU/Arizona Public Radio and broadcast on a number of stations in the Four Corners region, Earth Notes takes listeners on a weekly tour of the Colorado Plateau. The program takes a look at the nature of the plateau, examines how people have historically dealt with its sometimes difficult conditions, and profiles innovative new stategies for sustainable living that people are putting into place-this place.

Earth Notes is smart, compelling, and hopeful. It is founded on the belief that people are shaped by their surroundings and that coming to terms with the conditions of a particular place is what molds human communities. It does not shy away from examining the serious environmental threats faced by communities on the Colorado Plateau, but it considers them opportunities, not just problems. Every week Earth Notes suggests new ways to appreciate and sustain the splendid surroundings of the upland Southwest. In this little book, we have collected some of the best Earth Notes scripts in order to profile the plateau, its people, and its possibilities.

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