Jillian Marini- Basil & Paisley Naturals

Basil & Paisley Naturals is not only a creative outlet; it is an attempt to stay
grounded in an ever-chaotic world. I started my journey in a southwestern-style
bungalow in central Tucson with an all-black, green-eyed cat, named Paisley. I had
recently graduated from law school and was trying to figure out my next move. I
quickly realized that if I was going to survive the stress of being a lawyer, I needed a
creative outlet. After a weekend of blending and infusing natural oils to create my
first batch of soap, I became hooked on the process and on the results. Since that
weekend, there has been no need to use the store-bought soaps with synthetic
ingredients and harsh chemicals. Now my shower caddie is full of all-natural,
organic, handmade soap that is as good for your skin as it is for the environment.
After receiving a job offer, I moved to Flagstaff without ever having visited and fell
in love with the pines and the small community. With the help of our local shelter, I
added a canine member to the family and named her Basil. Weekdays can be pretty
hectic, but when the weekend is here, the kitchen becomes a laboratory of soap
molds, scales, infrared thermometers, essential oils and buckets of natural oils. I also
began perfecting recipes for more than just soap. I use all-natural, organic,
unrefined, and ethically-sourced products to make lotions, shampoos, balms,
deodorants, and certain pet products. Because the products are handmade in small
batches, the production is more controlled, fostering optimal quality and benefits.
I look forward to sharing my products and the joy I get from making them with all of