Jamie grew up in Sierra Vista, Arizona, south of Tucson, and earned her BS in biology at NAU before venturing off to Houston and Denver working as teacher, librarian, nanny, and (randomly) a Six Flags Caricature artist before returning to Flagstaff to work at NAU’s Cline Library. She comes to the Arb from the Flagstaff Public Library and is very excited to support our environmental education, conservation, and research efforts. She has loved plants since her days sword fighting with yuccas, building forts out of yucca stalks, and climbing mesquite trees alongside her brother down in Cochise County. She loves to design things and engage the community through social media, and is looking forward to taking millions of pictures of the plants, animals, and people at the Arb. So, watch out!

Jamie lives with her two dogs, three cats and assorted fish in the cool pines, where she hikes and plays in the woods, gardens in a way that the weeds find quite delightful, plays soccer, writes, draws, reads, plays and teaches piano, dabbles in home improvement projects, and runs a little forest day camp.