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Here, you will find resources to native plants and butterflies, photo and story submission guidelines, and information regarding the addition of butterflies to your life.

Creating a landscape that encourages butterflies and other pollinators to feed and rest allows for a special and important experience. If you have been inspired  to create a safe space for butterflies or other pollinators, we would love to hear about it! Please consider sending us a photograph along with your information so we can give you credit when we feature your work.

Photo submission guidelines:

  • Please do not submit photos of people or pets
  • Please email photo submissions to butterflies@thearb.org
  • Photos should contain a clear image of a butterfly or butterfly-friendly flowers
  • Include any information you wish to appear alongside your photo, such as your name, so you receive proper credit
  • Maximum photos submitted at one time will be limited to 20 per email
  • If you are a professional photographer and wish to have your site featured, please provide that information in your email
  • Pictures can be from the Arboretum, your house, or elsewhere but they must be your own personal photos
  • You may submit photos and a story together in the same email
  • You will receive notification of our use of your photo and a direct link to the post
  • Watermarks are encouraged, please place them appropriately

Story submission guidelines:

  • Please submit story submissions to butterflies@thearb.org
  • Stories must be a positive encounter with butterflies, moths, or other pollinators
  • Minimum story length: 250 words
  • Maximum story length: 2,500 words
  • Please include your name so you get proper credit for your stories
  • You will receive notification of our use of your story along with a direct link
  • Stories must be non fiction and creative non fiction only and they must be your own personal stories
  • Please do not plagiarize any stories, they will not be accepted
  • You may submit stories and photos in the same email

Resources for butterflies in your area:

Click on your state to learn more about butterflies in your area

Host and Nectar plant list

National Wildlife Federation’s guide to butterfly gardening

Plants native to your area:

Southwest Native Plants

Northwest Native Plants

Midwest Native Plants

Southeast Native Plants

Northeast Native Plants

Butterfly ID guide:

Step by step butterfly ID

Caterpillar ID guide:

Step by step caterpillar ID

Moth ID guide:

Step by step moth ID

Recommended Reading:

Oxford Journals: Monarch Butterflies

Monarch Butterfly Facts

Getting Involved:


Monarch Watch

Monarch SOS

Xerces Society

Butterfly Conservation

Certify Your Garden