Merriam-Powell Research Station

The Merriam-Powell Research Station is a partnership between NAU, USGS, and The Arboretum. It supports research, education, and collaboration . The research station offers affordable housing and research facilities to scientists and students conducting field work. Our facilities are also available to educational, scientific, non-profit, and governmental organizations for day-long or multi-day meetings and workshops. The research station is open from March 15 to November 1; winter reservations are possible by special arrangement.

The Southwest Experimental Garden Array

SEGA is an array of highly instrumented field sites spanning a large elevation gradient as an effective proxy for climate change research. The SEGA platform helps researchers to explore and quantify ecological/evolutionary responses to changing climate at scales from genes to ecosystems. SEGA includes some research sites here at The Arb, and they invite new researchers to innitiate new research projects – or to participate and collaborate with existing work.

The Walnut Creek Center for Education and Research

Founded in 1998, The Walnut Creek Center for Education and Research (WCCER) is a partnership between Prescott College, Northern Arizona University, The Arboretum at Flagstaff, and Prescott National Forest. WCCER occupies the Forest Service’s decommissioned Walnut Creek Station and administrative site. A diversity of researchers, students, and public visitors utilize the 275-acre site of Arizona uplands and riparian gallery forest each year.