The Journals of Frances B. McAllister


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Flagstaff was her touchstone and her refuge. She wanted to make sure her city in the pines realized every bit of its magnificent potential. Although an advocate for many causes, she was much more; she was a pathfinder. She saw the way clearly when few others did. She was poised on the point of what mattered- globally, nationally, statewide, and locally. She wrote down the story of her life to show us how one dedicated person can grapple with major problems of our times local and international- prejudice, ignorance, and lack of social responsibility- and make a difference. Ultimately, she was a mentor to us all. She set the bar very high, showing us how to live deeply and passionately, and how one person can make their community and the world a better place! – Terry Goddard, Attorney General of Arizona, 2003-2011.

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