Field Trips!

We offer spring and fall field trips that engage students with placed-based learning opportunities and encourage discovery in the natural world. Our field trips bring students into 200 acres of green space at The Arboretum, including the greenhouses, gardens, pond, and forests, and are aligned with Arizona k – 5 science standards and the Next Generation Science Standards.

Docent-led school programs last approximately 1.5-2 hours, including a  1 hour grade-specific program and an optional mini-hike.
Your group is welcome to enjoy lunch in our picnic area before or after your program.
Docent-led Programs cost $8.00 per student.  Teacher no charge.  Additional adults are $10.00 each.
Self-Guided School Tours cost  $5.00 per student  and include instructional materials for your independent use.
Field trips are available April 15 – October 31. Questions? contact our Education Programs Manager,

Preschool / Kindergarten

The Five-Alive Senses

Students will be led through The Arb grounds where they will practice using all five senses and discover the ways our senses can be used to explore nature. Highlights include listening to frogs and birds by the pond, smelling plants in the Herb Garden, and feeling different types of conifers on the woodland path.

1st Grade

Our Homes in the Forest

This program introduces students to the concept of habitat by relating their homes to animal homes. Students learn that animals need a place to live, food to eat, and water to drink – just like we do! We specifically explore the relationships between Abert’s squirrels, birds, insects, and ponderosa pines as we make our way through the forest.

2nd Grade

Life Cycles on the Colorado Plateau

Students will learn about and compare the different stages in the development of a Western Chorus Frog and a Dragonfly/Damselfly as well as other seasonal plants and animals. They will spend time investigating organisms found in The Arb pond and work together to identify the life cycle stage of each critter discovered.

3rd Grade

Animal Needs and Adaptations

Students will learn about the importance of riparian areas to plants and wildlife in Arizona as well as the adaptations needed for living in water at different stages of life. They will explore, identify, and share their findings about aquatic invertebrates in The Arb’s riparian areas with classmates.

4th Grade

Plant Superheroes

Plant superheroes don’t always wear capes! What would happen if we had no plants? Students discover why we need plants and how plants are able to thrive in our arid, high-elevation ecosystem. Students engage in hands-on activities that help build observation skills and promote critical thinking about the plant world and its amazing adaptations.

5th Grade

Foresters & Forest Investigators

Students will learn about forest ecology and will be able to recognize indicators of healthy and unhealthy forests in our fire-adapted ecosystem. Students will become foresters for a day. Practicing science skills, students evaluate sections of the forest and offer solutions for improving forest health.

6th - 12th Grade

Service-Learning Program

We have seasonal opportunities available for students to make a difference and get their hands dirty!

Send an email to to enquire about possible opportunities.


Arb Field Trips are Supported by the Arizona Community Foundation

Grant Funding for Arboretum Programs from Flag 365, Creative Flagstaff, Flagstaff BBB revenues, APS, and the Arizona Community Foundation